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Studio Update: Online Sale

Hi Folks,

I'm pleased to offer another online pottery sale this season. The studio has been humming all fall as usual. It's quite a thing to be part of: the repeating cycle of soft, slick clay, to armies of stacked chalky bisque ware, through late night storms of glaze, into a mountain of molten orange, and finally tinging and clinking onto shelves in a final enduring form. I'm exhausted and renewed many times throughout.

I've honed in on a few things these last months. The vessel/handle relationship, although narrowed in scope for this last round, is finding an equilibrium in comfort and elegance that I'm happy with. And then of course, there are the fermenting crocks. These have really been the focus, perhaps the bane even, of the last cycle of work. I've loved this project as a design challenge, and I've loved it for the way it intermingles with our food life. It's also been really fun to connect with all kinds of people who are at various stages in their fermenting lives and have these things inspire that and become a piece of their art/food puzzle.

Here are the details for the sale at Opens 6PM EST / 2PM AKST on Sunday December 9th. Closes 11PM EST/ 7PM AKST on Tuesday December 11th. All pieces will ship Wednesday the 12th at the latest. If you'd like reminders about the sale, you can find me, @davidkclay on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I'm grateful to all who care to look, appreciate, and even chose to bring some into your world.



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