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snow portrait-1.jpg

Photograph by Jonathan McLeod @j.cloud_

As a child in the hills of western Massachusetts I was raised with a reverence for making. Finding clay at a young age, I learned to throw pottery, and have continued to work at that  over the years with a spirit of humility and pride for the tradition. Welcome tangents along that path have included vessel-based and conceptual sculpture, handmade brushes, and ink drawings. I’ve had many influential teachers including Leslie Ferst and Regis Brodie at Skidmore College, and Bryan Czibesz and Anat Shiftan during my MFA at SUNY New Paltz. Perhaps my greatest stroke of luck was the opportunity to apprentice with Toshiko Takaezu in 2007. Toshiko’s intuitive influence runs strong in my studio practice and even in my kitchen as well. I currently live in Homer, Alaska where I shared Paul Dungan’s studio for a time, another member of the Takaezu lineage, and an accomplished potter. Homer is a thriving community of creative and hard working people, and I am fortunate to make my work here with the backdrop of hearty spruce forests, a rich and wild ocean, and shifting glacial geology.

As a potter, my job is to humbly infuse everyday objects with human sensitivity. The aesthetic I cultivate maintains the lush softness of clay with simplicity and elegance. A blush of color here or the linear path of my fingertips there brings the joyful moments of making into a strong and durable form. It is my hope that the pottery I make is easy to live with and exists in a way that winks subtly from life’s periphery, bringing those who handle and use it a sense of where it came from: a fellow creative spirit on a path.

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