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Studio Update I: Bits and Bits

Welcome to the first installment of my semi regular studio update. My intent here is to keep folks informed on current projects, and to share some thoughts on the creative process of making objects as a living.

At the beginning of May, I installed a series of sculptures at The Bunnell St. Art Center here in Homer. The work is in some ways a continuation of process exploration using small bits of clay to build large hollow forms. An added element this time around was using a black mason stain to color the clay in varying intensities of grey. This presented some unique opportunities and challenges. I loved the chance to work with form and surface simultaneously and what it did for the work. The streamlined "once fire" process was a breath of fresh air as well. The exhibition, entitled, “Bits and Bits” is installed along with Joyce Watts Coolidge’s encaustic show, "Persistence." Joyce’s work is powerful and calm, and I’m so pleased with the way our two aesthetics intermingle. Here are a few photos of my pieces, the install, and the opening. For the full experience check out the exhibition catalog. Please contact the gallery if you are interested in a purchase. The exhibit runs through the end of May.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to focus on this body of work and pleased with the way it brought me to both new and old places.

A common ceramics studio refrain that I’ve heard and said over the years has been a wish that the ceramic pieces could stay in the half dry “leather hard” stage forever. This stage of drying clay lends a luscious sort of half sheen to the surfaces. One fun unintended consequence of working with these colored clays without a glaze covering the surface was that some of the darker shades crept into this realm in the fully fired state. Perhaps this strategy will find its way into other corners of my studio world in the future.

As spring comes into full swing here, I’ll soon return to the potter’s wheel and pick up where I left off. I have an ever flowing stream of mugs and handles dammed up in my mind as well as some new ideas to streamline processes for plates and fermenting crocks. I look forward to sharing all of those with you soon.

Thanks to one and all for your continued support.



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